Collage by Patricia Leal at the Dubliner, through April:

Patricia Leal is a Native American artist and writer hailing from the Southern California beach city, Torrance, and now calls Minneapolis home. With her favorite pair of scissors and a glue stick, Patricia audaciously explores the depths of her emotions and the mysteries of the universe through her collages. The recurring theme around her work is love. Like jazz to the soul, paper is her mouthpiece singing tales of love, heartbreak, and the becoming of one’s true self.

You can discover her voice come alive in captivating collages, prose, poems, and letters from her heart’s journey. With collage Patricia turns memories into powerful and enchanting mosaics that welcome you to look beyond. Step into a world of beauty as moments in paper come together in unexpected ways. You can follow her work and contact her directly on Instagram and Facebook @n0probably.

Collage by Patricia Leal