Patrick Curry Anointed City Pages’ Best Bartender!

Patrick Curry

Our very own bartender, Patrick Curry, was recently anointed City Pages’ Best Bartender! From City Pages: “Think of him as an old-school Renaissance man. Yes, he delivers your drinks with swiftness. And, yes, he can perfect-pour a Guinness with shamrock atop. But he’s also the quintessential welcoming face behind the command post, a bartender capable of waxing with wisdom on everything from literature to the highest issues of the day.” So come on in on Tuesdays and get served by the best!

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Artist of the Month: Dale Johnson

A beautiful riverscape of Minneapolis, painted by Dale Johnson prior to the I-35W bridge collapse, is now on view at the Dubliner.

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Early Openings for Premier League

Premier League Match

The Dubliner will open at 9am on Saturdays and 10am and Sundays for Premier League matches. See the Calendar for the specific dates.

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Full Irish Breakfast Anyone?

Full Irish Breakfast at the Dubliner Pub & Cafe, St. Paul, MN

All the traditional Irish Breakfast items. Every Saturday and Sunday at the Dubliner, 11am to 4pm.

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The Dubliner: Best Pub in St. Paul

Ton Scanlon, The Dubliner Pub

“There are three essential ingredients to a quality drinking establishment: a clientele that spans from the aged to the recently licensed to drink, friendly bartenders who won’t leave you hanging on a refill, and a vibe without pretense or airs. This is the Dubliner in a nutshell.

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