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Sea Shanty Sing

At the Dubliner

Monday, August 14, 2017
7:30pm - 9:30pm

Second Monday Shanty Sing

You are invited to The Dubliner on the second Monday of every month to sing sea shanties and related songs! (This used to take place on the first Monday but was moved to the second Monday starting January 2013)

This event was instigated by The Eddies, and is supported by many wonderful singers! (Sometimes The Eddies show up, sometimes not.) This is not an official Eddies event.

Here is the obligatory FAQ.

What are the times?

All times are approximate. We start around 7:30. We take a short half time break. We end around 9:30. But you can always stay and sing some more. Come when you can, but leave when you must. It is often standing room only so come early if you want a seat.

What is the primary purpose of this gathering?

Singing sea shanties (and related songs) and drinking. Others may wish to simply drink and listen. Drinking songs are good, too. This is not a performance event. It is participatory. If you would like to teach us a number, that would be great. In fact, if you are leading the song, you really should take some time to teach us the refrain. This is group singing. We will take turns leading. Each session has a shanty herder who recruits leaders.

Do I have to lead a song?

No. There is no requirement. Individuals will volunteer to lead. We’ll take turns. You can be in the back row and sing along on the refrains if you choose.

Who is invited to sing?

Anyone who can sing on key. That really is essential. If you sing off key you will be asked to sing quietly. We don’t aim to be the Robert Shaw Chorale, but we want to enjoy good singing.

Should I bring an instrument?

Probably not. This is primarily an acapella setting.

Is there food at The Dubliner?

Free Popcorn

We used to have a mailing list but it became superfluous. You can “Find us on Facebook” if you are smart enough. (For those who aren’t…)

Feel free to contact me with questions. I hope to see you on a Second Monday!

Phil Platt

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